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Did you know that the history of the Irish pub is full of culture and folk lore?   Pubs (short for public houses) were places that did not require a membership to enter, unlike private houses, so while the rich had memberships to other establishments, the working classes frequented pubs. An Irish pub of the Middle Ages was a place of natural wood furniture and stonewalls. They exhibited large fireplaces and hanging oil lamps over wood or cobblestone floors. In addition to ale, an Irish pub usually sold essential food and hardware items. The Irish pub was a warm, welcoming place where people socialized, shared a meal with each other, sang songs, relaxed, told stories, and exchanged gossip and rumors.In the 19th century, under oppressive British rule, sadly to say the Irish pub was deemed illegal. However, due to the aggressive, independent spirit of the Irish people, pubs flourished during this time. Pubs became places where rebels gathered to complain of the British rule and for some to release frustrations while others to coordinate underground rebellions.Today in Ireland the pub, whether it is located in bustling Dublin or in a humble village is a focal point where the people meet similar to a piazza of a continental European town. As they say history repeats itself, and so again a pub is where people meet to converse with each other, to entertain each other, to share a meal with each other, to sing songs and be relaxed or to celebrate some happy event.  Pubs are support venues for people to meet in times of trouble. The young and the old alike will go to the same pubs to meet their friends while visitors in town will go to the local pub to meet new friends. Today in America, an Irish pub is much more than an Irish name and neon Budweiser Shamrock in the window. An authentic Irish pub in America must show its proud Irish history and traditions that attract and educate all races and nationalities.   To foster such proud Irish traditions, a traditional Irish pub in American will have two pour Guinness, (an imperial pint glass is a given) Harp, Jameson and Tullamore Dew for sale behind the bar, extra points for a fireplace, and offer good Irish music and Irish food.When you walk into The Irish Times Pub for the first time, you will see and experience the traditions of an authentic Irish pub.  From our warm natural wood furniture to our large fireplace and good Irish fare, you will enjoy the experience and fun.  In keeping with the true feeling of Ireland, our warm staff will make you feel like you are at home as if you’re walking into your own living room. By the third visit, you will feel right at home and part of The Irish Times family. You shouldn’t worry about bringing a friend because you can meet a friend here or make a new friend!.  I guarantee that you will find the Irish Times Pub to be a warm, inviting and a fun place to be.  The Irish Times Pub will become your old friend and certainly a place that is a home away from home.


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